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THE FOOD HALL | Part One: Creating an Authentic Dining Experience

Enjoying a bite to eat in a common space is not a new concept. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, one of the largest public markets in the world, has been operating for over 500 years while mall food courts have only been around since the days of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. However, the Food Hall trend has lunch breakers, tourists and foodies in a craze, leaving mall food courts in the dust. In New York City alone, there are nineteen open food halls, with four having opened in the last year and five expected to open in 2018.

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Opening a restaurant? Why an architect is more valuable to you than you may think.

You are going to open a new restaurant? That’s awesome! There has never been a better time. Online shopping is only increasing and shopping centers need more restaurants to attract shoppers.  You have your idea for the restaurant, now you need to establish your team of consultants that focus on the items that aren’t your specialty;

Accountant/financial advisor…check.  Lawyer….check.  Real Estate Broker…check. Architect…???

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Phase Zero Design Awarded New Escape Room Concept

Phase Zero Design has been awarded the first locations for Skeleton Key, a new and growing escape room concept located within prime retail locations, initially in New England.  An escape room is an immersive live-action game, where small groups of players work together in a themed environment, against the clock, to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles.  Players search and engage with the setting, leading them to decipher codes, hidden keys, and secret passageways.

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