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Building a New Restaurant? What You Need to Know About the Architect's Role During Construction

Restaurant Architects are not just someone who will create a set of drawings so you can get a building permit. We are part of your restaurant team helping you to define your CONCEPT, design the space, and see that the design intent is carried through all aspects of construction. Having an architect who specializes in restaurant design is crucial to designing a space that is both operationally efficient and conceptually aesthetic in addition to creating the space that represents your BRAND.

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An Interview with Amanda Johnson on Taking the NCIDQ Exam

We caught up with our Project Manager, Amanda Johnson, NCIDQ regarding her recent certification that she earned. Here's what Amanda had to say about her experience taking the NCIDQ Exam. 


What made you get your NCIDQ certification?

For the longest time I have been wanting to take this test because I believe it shows one has a comprehensive understanding of a project cycle from start to finish from integration of finishes to mechanical systems.

When did you decide to sign up for this exam?

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Reception Desks: First Impressions are Lasting Impressions

With the almost daily advances in communication and technology, most clients and patients have interacted digitally with your company several times before they physically enter your office space. They have been to your website, reviewed your social media posts and read your online reviews. Each of these interactions has set the foundation for their expectation of your brand.

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Transforming Today's College Campus- American International College

Every good idea starts with a problem. Our client, American International College was faced with several challenges in their journey to reinvent their campus. As the architect and designer, we crafted unique solutions geared to increase enrollment and focus on their needs.


CHALLENGE: The ‘Money Walk’

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Why I Design- Alex

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Why I Design- Emily

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Why I Design - Hannah

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A Comprehensive Guide To The Dental Office Design Process

When embarking on a dental office construction project having a thorough understanding of the design process and how it pertains to your specific project will set you and your team up for success.

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