Phase Zero Design was founded on the simple premise that crafting a unique design experience is about you, not us.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple, too many architects were designing for themselves and not for the client. We started with two guys with an idea to disrupt the architecture and interior design industry by being 100% client-centric by crafting a design experience that was about our client’s needs and not about us. They focused the firm on being solutions-based and ensuring that clients felt their objectives were heard, achieved and goals were met and exceeded.

We believe designing your next project should be easy and fun. It should leave you feeling like someone’s got your back and cares about your project just as much as you do.



Our Core Values.


Ambition for Greatness

We are always pushing for innovation in our work and in our design.


Entrepreneurial Minded

We challenge our staff to think, learn and create in their own way.


Creative Problem Solvers

We are always thinking differently.


 Our Team.


Joseph Brouwer

Architechtural Designer

Jon Foster

Project Coordinator

Bill Greelish, AIA

Project Architect

Mark Joyce, AIA

Associate Principal

Emily Lampert

Architectural Designer

Erica Nava

Interior Designer

Grant Rocco

Job Captain

Hannah Weiner

Interior Designer

Jason Woodworth

Project Coordinator

Erin Andy

PR + Communications Coordinator

Lindsay Corsino

Dir. of Business Development 

Megan Gallahue

Architectural Designer

Darlene Hawley

Financial Manager

Heather Kennedy

Project Coordinator

Corey LeBlanc

Project Coordinator

John Selle, AIA

Project Architect

Tim Tobin, AIA

Associate Principal

Roger Wilkie

Architectural Designer


Office Greeter | Simsbury

John Bates, AIA

Project Architect

Alexandria Eisenhardt

Marketing Coordinator

Brooke Gambardella

Interior Designer

Kirsten Howard

Interior Designer

Alanna Masciarelli

Interior Designer

Anh Nguyen, AIA

Project Architecta

Dan Stevens

Information Systems Admin

Stephanie Valentine

Interior Designer

Ally Witaszek

Design & Administration Support


Office Greeter | Hingham

Samantha Brennen

Interior Designer

David Farrington

Associate Principal

Mike Godin

Senior Associate

Alex Jean

Project Coordinator

Chris Milliard, AIA

Senior Associate

Matt O'Boyle

Project Manager

Jillian Tara, NCIDQ LEED-AP

Senior Interior Designer

Matt Watt

Architectural Designer