Turning Retail on its Head

The Retail Design Institute’s Boston Retail Guide 2018 Launch Party was held at the Trunk Club ClubHouse, located at 501 Boylston Street in Boston. In attending, not only did we get the chance to understand the ins and outs of the most beautiful retail stores in and around the Back Bay, but we got the full download to the Trunk Club and their Boston Clubhouse.

Trunk Club is a personalized mid- to high-end men's and women's clothing service. The service can be completed virtually or in person at one of the company's seven locations. Each customer works with a wardrobe specialist who helps craft a selection of clothing and accessories based off of either an online quiz or a meeting in person. If they chose to do the service online, their selections are shipped to the home of the customer where they can purchase the clothes outright or send them back to Trunk Club in a prepaid envelope.

The Trunk Club Clubhouse is a place where you can go to meet with your personal stylist, try on clothing, and purchase it right then and there.

The space is beautiful – when you walk in, you are greeted by a guest greeter and offered a drink at the bar. The bar is outstanding – long and large marble top. The lounge area has leather couches, making it feel like your really rich friend’s living room. The space has polished concrete floors throughout making it feel industrial and cool. The Men’s custom area was fitted out with high definition lighting and beautiful luxurious fabrics. As we were guided around the space, several designer dressing room and consultation areas lined the perimeter of the space.

Trunk Club was unique. As Nicole, the Director of the Boston Clubhouse said, “Trunk Club is flipping retail on its head.” A personalized customer service experience is the most important thing. They are changing the model where you are sent personally curated clothing for whatever you need. You send back the clothes you don’t want and are charged for what you keep. The new wave of retail is about the experience, personalization and convenience. Trunk Club is pushing the boundaries of tradition retail stores and raising the bar of shopping.