A Comprehensive Guide To The Dental Office Design Process

When embarking on a dental office construction project having a thorough understanding of the design process and how it pertains to your specific project will set you and your team up for success.

The standard process varies and gets tailored to specific projects based on if the architectural and Interior design team is creating a design for a new practice fitting-out out a new office space, or if it is an existing practice relocating, renovating or expanding. However the overall process can be applied to any of these project types.

 Standard Design & Construction Phases:

  1. Due Diligence: researching and identifying upfront information. 
  2. Programming: researching and understanding the project-related criteria. 
  3. Schematic Design: utilizing the information gathered to create initial design concepts.
  4. Design Development: refine and develop the initial design concept.
  5. Construction Documents: prepare the construction documentation for permitting, bidding, and construction.
  6. Construction Administration: act on the Owner’s behalf to ensure construction is performed in accordance to the design intent.

“The Comprehensive Guide to the Dental Office Design Process” further expands upon the details of each phase of the architectural process as they specifically relate to a Dental office design.

It’s important for anyone involved in the design process to understand how initial phases impact all phases to follow.  For example, identifying operational equipment needs during the programming phase and incorporating the equipment into the layout early in the design phase will prevent potentially costly changes later during construction.

Phase Zero Design begins before the beginning using this process to get the full team on the same page from the start of the project.  This sets the foundation for effective communication throughout the design and construction process to minimize issues throughout the project schedule.