New Ways to Display: NAFEM 2019

As most in the design industry know, “Presentation is key”. Food Service designers, in particular, face many challenges when presented with restaurant, café or servery projects. These challenges include, but are not limited to, utility capacity of the space, fire codes, health codes, operations, efficiency and flow; however, the greatest consideration is presentation.

The North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers Show (NAFEM 2019) showcased hundreds of products with over six hundred of the world’s leading equipment and supplies manufacturers. Innovation and inspiration were at every booth; but amidst all the stainless steel, several products clearly considered presentation a priority.

Cooktec Incogneeto


Featuring an under-counter induction warmer that is nearly invisible, as well as a coordinating trivet that heats only your serving dish, the Cooktec Incognito allows for station flexibility from morning to evening. It’s ability to work with natural or engineered stone counter-tops and it’s ability to be easily cleaned by removing the trivet, makes it both functional and presentational.

RPI Flexeserve Zone

The RPI Flexeserve Zone transforms the appearance of hot food-to-go, making the food look fresh and enticing (unlike heated lamps, which give everything a yellow and unappetizing look.) It can also facilitate impulse purchases while improving point-of-sale speed for high density cafeterias. Customizable colors and finishes allow for the ability to integrate the product with your design and so it feels less like a commercial piece of equipment.

Hot/Frost Plate – Duke

This beautiful, easy to clean, hot/cold plate blends right into the counter. It is flexible and perfect for spaces with multiple menus. The Hot/Frost plate also features digital controls, which can be used while wearing gloves, and can be controlled from the cloud.

BSI 16’ Sneezeguard


Traditional Sneezeguard posts can be annoying to get around and block some of the food.The BSI 16’ Sneezeguard allows for less drilling into the counter and an easier installation. And as a bonus, the posts come in various colors!

Marra Forni

The Marra Forni oven features a custom tile surround and an exposed flame. This oven is experiential, the exposed flame providing a theater-like quality for those dining.

Presentation is a huge differentiator for food service products. It’s important to look at not only the cost and functionality of the product, but how the presentation and design will factor into the return on the investment.