Know Before You Grow: Why Site Selection is Important for Every Cannabis Facility

Site selection is a critical component to any retail project, but it can be make or break for a successful marijuana facility. The location within a city or town and going above and beyond to integrate well into the surrounding community is important to the long-term success of the organization. This process begins with choosing the appropriate location within the host community. Under the current legal state, strategic locations include those in underserved areas and areas near neighboring states that do not allow the sale of retail marijuana. 

Mistakes, Errors and Costs

Selecting a successful site is made even more difficult when you have a lack of education or experience in site selection. It’s vital to have a team member that knows common construction pitfalls that might cause prevalent issues such as proximity to churches, parks, and childcare facilities, insufficient electrical service, and change-of-use code-compliance issues. Site selection as it relates to the neighboring areas, public transportation stops, traffic patterns, and locality to competitors are also important to keep in mind during this process. Applicants across the State have run into their own issues with zoning or easements. These services can be provided by a civil engineer or land-use attorney, but we can also provide a preliminary review which could save you an extra step or an extra expense in the process of building your marijuana facility.

How PZD can help with Site Selection

With over 15 marijuana facilities in various stages, we have become experts in evaluating sites as well as their pros and cons. We coordinate with our clients at various different stages of site selection— from assisting with identifying underserved cities and towns, to evaluating pre-selected sites for worthiness. Not only does the location of the land have to be just right, but you really have to study the community and take these notes into consideration when making a site selection decision. If the community around your facility does not support your business, the outcome won’t be in your favor. At Phase Zero Design, we provide you support and guidance through every phase of site selection, including community integration. You can’t go wrong to have a knowledgeable partner on your side throughout your entire endeavor.

Moving Forward with Site Selection

We understand the process is long and detailed, but our team of cannabis design experts can help navigate you through everything you need to know. Contact us about any possible sites you may have your eye on so we can assist you with a high-level evaluation and site evaluation report. We’ve created a comprehensive brochure that fully outlines the process and how we can help you- 


To learn more about Matthew the cannabis specialist at Phase Zero Design, check out our latest post introducing him and this new cannabis market sector. This blog, along with (Recreational Marijuana and the Special Permitting Process in Massachusetts), is part of Matthew’s new Blog Series covering all aspects of opening a Marijuana Dispensary/ Manufacturing Facility— Much more insight into the world of retail cannabis to come—stay tuned.