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The Impact of Online Ordering on Restaurant Design

With the advent of smartphones, innovative POS companies, and delivery services like Grubhub and UberEats, customizable menus are at our fingertips and delivery drivers are floating around your neighborhood waiting to pick up and deliver to you. Restaurants are now able to reach a wider customer-base than before, and have an opportunity to make greater profits. In order to reap these benefits, restaurant spaces need to plan for the added business. 

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THE FOOD HALL: Creating an Authentic Dining Experience

Enjoying a bite to eat in a common space is not a new concept. The Food Hall trend has lunch breakers, tourists and foodies in a craze, leaving mall food courts in the dust. In New York City alone, there are nineteen open food halls, with four having opened in the last year and five expected to open in 2018. With these food halls creating a major shift in the dining experience, we beg the question – what makes a food hall more successful than a food court?

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