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Associate Principal

Mark has spent nearly 30 years in the industry, gaining an in-depth experience in the retail, hospitality, commercial, industrial, medical and life science market sectors. He’s a team player and enjoys mentoring the younger staff to help them understand the industry. He prides himself on his mentoring skills, as well as his ability to problem solve and manage. He finds it lots of fun to figure out a difficult construction detail.

Mark is involved in all projects from initial inception to completion. He takes satisfaction seeing the end result – how the initial designs have transitioned to the built environment and are being used by his clients. He likes to build strong, long-lasting relationships with his clients on a professional and personal level. Mark’s clients know that he is responsive to their projects and can rely on his work. He is someone who puts a lot of value on respect.

If you could be in a movie of your choice, what movie would you choose and what character would you play?
There are so many movies but I would want to be Han Solo from Star Wars of course, or even Indiana Jones from any of the Indiana Jones movies. I'm not saying I have a man crush but I just happen to like the movies with Harrison Ford. 

What is your go to 'sing in the shower' song?
Feeling Groovy- Simon & Garfunkel and California Dreaming- The Mamas and The Papas

What is your spirit animal?
An Eagle

What was your favorite childhood toy?
LEGOS no question