Sprouts Kids Dentistry Opens its Doors in Quincy, MA

On May 21, 2018, Sprouts Kids Dentistry in Quincy, MA opened their doors.  Sprouts Kids Dentistry was founded with one goal, “to change the way kids feel about going to the dentist”; Phase Zero Design supported this goal by designing an experience from start to finish. The 2,100 sf office boasts a brightly colored, modern reception space welcomes families with efficiency and entertainment. The design includes a vibrantly colored entertainment section for kids to use, while their parents make use of the convenient iPad check-in stations and sleek reception desk. This overall layout enhances the patient experience and provides maximum efficiency for both patients and staff.

The office offers a variety of treatment spaces; open bay, private and even a dedicated space for toddler treatment. Oversized graphics at each of these treatment stations act as directional signage as well as a distractions and conversation starters for patients during their treatment.

One of the most unique design elements in the office is the charitable prize station. Upon finishing their appointment, each patient is provided with 2 coins, one to be used for themselves at the prize station, and one to be donated to a local charity which supports Dr. Andersons passion for community. At this station, there are three charities from which the patient can choose which one to deposit they wish to donate their second coin and give back.