Phase Zero Design Is Gearing Up for Canstruction!

Every year, the Phase Zero Design team rallies to partake in the Boston Canstruction® competition. Canstruction is a non-profit organization that addresses hunger across the world-- one can at a time. The Boston Canstruction competition counts on architects, engineers, and construction companies all around the Boston area to participate, sponsor and support their efforts with an annual design-build competition. Teams come together to build larger than life designs out of cans that showcase the builders’ structural ingenuity. Canstruction’s mission is to highlight the issue of hunger and food insecurity across Boston communities, collect food for distribution to thousands, and to showcase the creativity of the design industry.

In 2018, the Boston Canstruction competition donated more than 60,000 cans of food from the single event — equivalent to 48,000 meals — from the participating teams to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. Our goal for the 2019 event is to help surpass last year's can-total by a landslide, and raise $4,000 as a firm to contribute to our structure which will be donated to the food bank after deconstruction. 

This year’s Canstruction theme is Around the World, and we took the “around the world” concept quite literally. Rather than building a monument or landmark that you would find somewhere around the world, which we were sure most other teams would choose to create, we took things in a quite literal direction: we are building a scene of the sun rising and setting around the earth. 

We chose this scene not only because it was unique, but because 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the moon landing; and this scene will be a great chance for us to honor this by adding a rocket made out of cans to our structure to signify the landing on the moon. We have been planning, reworking, and making sure everything is ready to go when build-out day rolls around on October 5th.

All of the canned goods sculptures will be on display at the BSA space and Atlantic Wharf through the end of October. The presence of the structures provides an engaging way for visitors to learn about the fight against hunger in Massachusetts, and after the sculptures are dismantled, all the canned goods will be donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Bank. 

As always, we are excited to participate in the 2019 Canstruction competition and raise awareness for such a great, close-to-home cause. If you would like to support the Phase Zero Design team in any way as we strive to combat hunger in our community, please follow the link below and we thank you in advance!