Johnson Brunetti

Wethersfield, CT

The newly renovated Johnson Brunetti Investments allows the company a more functional and inviting space.

The new entry has more visual presence and welcomes clients into a large hospitable reception and waiting areas as well as luxurious and intimate conference rooms to ensure privacy and comfort. The employee area moved away from the traditional private office layout to an open floor plan with views of the outdoors allowing light to penetrate the office and promote productivity. In the back area there is an open and multi-functional breakroom, as well as a private studio for live transition through the space.

Baldwin Towers

Eddystone, PA

Phase Zero Design has been hired to design the exterior grounds for Baldwin Tower, a multi-tenant corporate office building.

This design includes adding a pavilion, interior lobby, public corridors and restrooms to the building. With the new design, classic elegance, keeps the art deco style alive while strong lines hint at the prominent history of Baldwin steam engines and clean lines modernizing this alluring space.